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PC to Fax can provide your clients with a valuable Windows based fax tool and increase your revenue. PC to Fax enables your clients to fax directly from their Internet-Enabled PC to any fax in the world. They simply need to download the PC to Fax client software (Internetfax 10.2), install it on their PC, do a small amount of configuration and they are ready to go. Of course, the User must have 'Allow PC to Fax' check in the portal.

To install the software download PC to Fax from the links below:

* Internet Fax v10.2 - Windows 32-Bit Version

* Internet Fax v10.2 - Windows 64-Bit Version

Version 11 uses higher contrast settings during image conversion with compatibility for Windows 11

Internet Fax v11.0.2 - Windows 32-Bit Version

Internet Fax v11.0.2 - Windows 64-Bit Version

Save the appropriate pcClient Internetfax file and unzip it into its own directory. Now you can begin to brand the pcClient and configure for your system.

To create a silent install the argument /VERYSILENT can be used with setup.exe

First open the params.ini file. There are some instructions in this file on how to configure it.

In the [App] section, please update the lines that read:

SHOWLOGO=1 Setting this value to 1 will show the logo described later in this document.

COMPANYLINE=”PROMOTIONAL MESSAGE THAT APPEARS ON COVER PAGE” This message will appear on any fax cover sheet in small print. It is a good tool to use to promote your service

Now you may open the logo.bmp file. This is a bitmap and you may edit it in Microsoft Paint. Do Not change its size. This logo will show on the print driver’s GUI.

To change the 'Default country' (Currently USA), open the cprefix.txt file and simply place the country you want as the default at the top of the list. You may also add city codes and cities to this list. For example, you may want to add Johannesburg, South Africa to the list. To do this, you would add 'Johannesburg - 2711' to the list. 27 is the country code and 11 is the city code. In this way, your clients may simply select Johannesburg from the drop down list and only need to type in the actual fax number. You may also change the names of the countries into your native language.

To modify the status reporting shown in the fax file cabinet, open the status.ini file. Here you may change the words that follow the ‘=’ sign. For instance, you may want to change the line that reads “Caption=Busy” to “Caption=Engaged” if this is a more common phrase in your native language.

To modify the language used throughout the GUI, open the translations.ini file. Translate the message on the right side of the “=” character (make sure you leave the left side of the = the same):

frmQueue.ResendButton.Hint=Resend Selected Fax

Translated into Spanish will become: frmQueue.ResendButton.Hint=Vuelva a enviar Fax Seleccionado

or into French: frmQueue.ResendButton.Hint=Renvoyer Fax sélectionné

If the translated message is long (usually the text on the Message Boxes) you can use the “*|*” combination of characters to break to a new line.

After translating all the messages in your own language, save the file as translation.ini (make sure you will save the file in ANSI encoding).

You may want to do some test installations to test the changes and configurations you have made.

To run the pcClient, users will simply download and install it on their PC. Once they have done this they can go to Start/Programs/Internetfax/Settings and put in their personal information (used for cover page if selected) and put in their assigned user name and password.

To send a fax, they will simply open the document they want to fax, go to file print and select InternetFax as their printer. This will activate the GUI and the rest is self-explanatory.

This video has been created to help explain how to install and use PC2Fax:

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