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How to change my virtual fax email address

If you are our virtual fax user, you may need to change your email address occasionally. You can call our customer service to do so, or simply go to our portal web site to do this by yourself.

You need to know your account number (UserID) in order to do so. Use Internet Explorer to go our portal web site.


Then you need to provide your User Login name and password. You should have these information when we created your account.

After you log in, you can click on My Account Info. Find the item Fax 2 Email - Email, enter your new email address. Then click on Save

You can have several email addresses there, make sure you separated them with a comma ,

You can put up to 200 characters in this field so how many email addresses you can put there depends on how long is the total of all the email addresses. Always make a test before you use the settings.

For security reasons, when this site timed out or you logged out, you can not use the current link to login again, you have to manually type or paste the URL links as above again.

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